Data Analytics: Beyond the Hype – A Survey by Dimensional Research

This report is based on a survey of 376 individuals with responsibility for data initiatives including 104 executives. The goal of the survey was to understand current experiences, challenges and trends with data analytics initiatives.

Key Findings:

Data initiatives are important, but have serious issues

  • 100% say data analytics is important
  • 48% of executives characterize data analytics as “critically important”
  • 88% have faced “failures” with recent data initiatives

Inflexibility of data infrastructure is the underlying cause of many challenges

  • Data inflexibility tops list of challenges faced by data and analytics
  • 59% of executives say their existing analytics infrastructure is too inflexible
  • 75% of executives are prevented from acting on business requests because their data infrastructure is too inflexible

Cloud-based analytics could help address barriers to data analytics

  • 99% find potential benefits of cloud analytics to be compelling
  • 92% would try more things in a pay-as-you-go model licensing
  • 74% of those that have adopted cloud analytics intend to grow use in the coming year


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