A great product married with an easy-to-understand consumption-based pricing model can pack a powerful one-two punch for your business. When customers pay only for what they use, cost is tied directly to value. This alignment has benefits for both customers and SaaS providers: customers get more flexibility and can experiment with new features, while providers can scale with agility and better understand customers’ behavior and usage patterns. 

Making the shift to a consumption-based model has a big upside, but it involves more than just rearranging your pricing guides. In this playbook, you’ll learn how to get started with consumption-based pricing and explore five areas that are key to success: 

  1. How to choose a value metric 
  2. Modernizing your sales process and compensation structure
  3. Rethinking your revenue playbook 
  4. Helping customers predict and optimize spend
  5. Leveraging data for maximum advantage

Read  on  to  learn  about  the  benefits  you’ll  achieve  by  adopting consumption-based  pricing, the steps to make it happen, and how Snowflake helps consumption-based applications thrive.