The COVID-19 pandemic has put healthcare and life sciences in the spotlight. The industry had to completely transform almost instantly, shifting patient care and business to online platforms. The importance of building a strong healthcare infrastructure and investing in life sciences for public health was brought home to countries around the world. Today, the industry is using lessons learned from the pandemic to create a new normal that is more innovative, competitive, and resilient. At the same time, healthcare and life sciences companies face market pressures of increasing costs and lower returns. 

Healthcare and life sciences leaders are adopting the cloud to gain modern data capabilities. In doing so, they are easing barriers to collaboration, speeding innovation, and making smarter, data- driven healthcare decisions. 

This ebook explores seven industry-specific use cases for the Snowflake Healthcare & Life Science Data Cloud and highlights some of the innovative and exciting ways our healthcare and life sciences customers are unlocking the value of data to drive better patient and business outcomes.

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