At Snowflake, we find that as companies seek to digitize their operations, moving an increasing amount of functionality to a variety of cloud applications and partners, the need for a centralized data platform has never been greater.

This is especially true as companies aspire to make data-driven decisions across their business, even as they collect and store data from an increasingly wide range of sources. Data warehousing solutions available within data platforms like Snowflake allow for companies to establish both a centralized data repository as well as a mechanism through which queries can be processed and analyses can be conducted at speed and scale. Ideally, the right data warehouse solution enables companies to access a complete, governed set of data and generate key business insights to operate effectively while generating potentially significant cost savings.

In this ebook, we explore six case studies featuring innovative companies that have used Snowflake for data warehousing to address a wide range of common business challenges–and achieved considerable, positive business outcomes as a result.

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