To deliver on their mission to provide high-quality public service, state and local governments (SLGs) must strengthen their use of data to make better informed decisions. Data-driven decision-making can improve citizen and resident services and increase operational efficiencies. Progress has been made on this front; in a recent survey of local government leaders, 69% said they have improved data and insights that matter to stakeholders and the community.

But SLGs still face tough challenges in sharing and generating value from data. Legacy IT infrastructure and the institutional status quo often cause technical problems and delay data insights. Agencies have a hard time sharing information that can better inform leaders and help fight fraud, waste, and abuse. And siloed data combined with inadequate analytics capabilities prevent fiscal transparency, which is essential to developing superior services and an informed electorate.

With the Snowflake Data Cloud, SLGs can modernize their data platform to use data as a strategic asset. They can accelerate data collaboration to improve emergency services, tackle cybersecurity, and provide better online resident services. Creating a 360-degree view of citizens helps them better understand and serve their needs while building a single source of truth and using advanced analytics helps combat fraud, waste, and abuse. And they can deliver the financial transparency that informed citizens demand.

This ebook explores five of the many ways our public sector state and local government customers are securely unlocking the value of data to improve service delivery and operational efficiency with Snowflake.

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