Leveraging AI, ML and generative AI for personalization, segmentation, lead scoring and more

When it comes to better collaboration and personalization, increased productivity, and accelerated growth, future AI and ML marketing benefits are seemingly limitless, and valuable use cases for every stage of the marketing cycle are already available today.

Download the ebook to learn five ways you can use AI, generative AI and machine learning right now to boost your organization’s B2B marketing ROI:

  • Segmentation: Precisely identify and group audiences to tailor campaigns and power faster, actionable audience insights
  • Personalization: Apply AI and ML to your customer 360 to elevate marketing and advertising personalization
  • Lead scoring: Leverage ML algorithms to rank prospects and power automation with AI and ML for easy scoring and improved productivity
  • Forecasting: Accurately predict and optimize the current pipeline in near-real time
  • Attribution: Measure channel impact and achieve cutting-edge attribution


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