There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur looking for investment funding. Global venture capital activity grew mightily in 2021, and the trend appears to be continuing into 2022. 

However, that doesn’t mean building a new company is any easier. The same inherent resource and growth challenges exist, and venture capitalists still want to see value creation and strong indicators for future success before they invest.

So how do you create a company that can grow and scale to win a large market (and gain investors’ interest)? In this ebook, we’ve distilled advice and lessons from the inaugural Snowflake Startup Challenge into five best practices for building a successful startup that can grow and scale to win a large addressable market:

  • Deliver a unique solution that aligns with people’s needs
  • Know your customer
  • Refine your business model
  • Assemble a robust team
  • Execute and scale