How machine learning is shaping the future of data warehousing

As technology advances to meet new data demands, it also creates new areas of opportunity for business growth and operational efficiency. Today, for example, some technologies already enable automatic query optimization, while machine learning algorithms help automate a variety of once-manual functions. Advances in technology are even starting to let data warehouses tune themselves. This capability is accelerating the speed at which data warehouses deliver value to businesses.

With the advance of machine learning and availability of near-infinite storage and computing power in the cloud, we’re headed toward an exciting new era: the age of the self-adapting data warehouse.

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  • Deliver more value for their business users, faster than ever.
  • Anticipate patterns more accurately and optimize queries.
  • Automate data organization and optimize workloads, and more.

The move to a self-adapting data warehouse represents the next phase in the evolution of data warehousing.