The Forrester Consulting TEI Data Engineering study reveals a customer ROI of 616% and net benefits of $10.7 million over three years for Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

Read this study to learn how four customers leveraged Snowflake for their data engineering workloads, simplified their data pipelines and infrastructure, improved productivity for their data teams, increased the business value from data initiatives, freed bandwidth, and more.

Snowflake commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study in April 2022 to evaluate the financial impact of Snowflake on organizations’ data engineering teams and business as a whole. Based on interviews, the benefits of Snowflake include the following for a composite organization:

●  3-Year ROI of 616%

●  66% increase in productivity for data engineers

●  More than 80,000 hours in freed bandwidth among data teams

●  20% increase in business value from data initiatives

●  Net benefits of $10.7 million over three years

A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned by Snowflake April 2022.