Enlist the power of data

Department of Defense (DOD) leadership predicts that future conflicts will require decisions be made in minutes or seconds, compared to the current operating environment in which decisions often take days. To challenge peer adversaries, access to clean data and information will be essential. The Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) concept will provide commanders with simultaneous access to battlespace data, continuous collaboration across all domains, and streamlined decision-making.

Snowflake, a FedRAMP and DOD IL4 authorized enterprise data platform, helps the DOD meet the JADC2’s goal of making all data accessible, understandable, and usable across the battlespace so everyone has a unified common operational picture (COP) for planning and executing in all military situations.

The Snowflake Data Cloud provides agencies with:

  • Flexibility and scalability: Our fully managed SaaS solution offers near-unlimited storage of data from sensors, satellites, imagery, and military IoT.
  • Accessibility: All necessary parties can access relevant data, whether they are in the military services, on the tactical edge, or mission partners.
  • Predictive and advanced analytics: Post-operation battlespace telemetry, sensor, and awareness data can be fed into Snowflake for further analysis and to prepare for future missions.
  • Security: All data shared is encrypted by default, with controls in place to help protect the nation’s most sensitive information.
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