Process Identity Resolution right in YOUR Snowflake instance

Truelty takes customer data and deduplicates it right on YOUR Snowflake instance. No more having to ship data to a 3rd party to identify duplicate records.

Decoupled licensing from contact count allows you to affordably process customer records. This also means you can load as many data sources into Snowflake as you like, and Truelty can process them.

Truelty does not require a complex data custody transfer to process the records, as the data never leaves your Snowflake instance. Instead, Truelty generates the code to natively process deduplication, which is pushed to your Snowflake instance.

Use Cases:
Cross App Identification
Cross Channel Identification
Anonymous to Known Identification
Cross Platform Unsubscribe
Data Onboarding


About the Partner:

Truelty is built by the founders of one of the first Snowflake partners in their community. After implementing Identity Resolution in Snowflake for multiple clients, they took a deep dive into how Snowflake’s latest developments of Asynchronous queries and native Python could be leveraged to generate a Snowflake native Identity Resolution Engine. After extensive research and development Truelty has created a fully native Snowflake-ran Identity Resolution engine. The compute features follow the very latest capabilities within the Snowflake stack for packing and managing Snowflake compute resources.