Turn-key managed data & real-time insights platform for healthcare, build on a modern stack, while adhering to all healthcare specific standards and requirements for privacy and security.

Tenzinger provides a fully managed turn-key data & real-time insights platform specifically tailored to healthcare:
• Having the right integrations and data ingestion capabilities for Healthcare
• Connectors with leading EHR (healthcare information systems)
• Connectors with leading ERP systems (HR, Finance, Logistics)
• Custom ingestion capabilities from any source (batch and real-time)
• HL7 FHIR and ZIB data-model for unified analysis
• GDPR, Privacy and patient anonymization integrated into the core
• 24×7 managed by our Operations teams
• ISO 27001, NEN 7510, GDPR, SOC 1 type II and SOC2 type II compliant

Use-cases include:
• Classical BI, including integrations with the major visualization tools.
• Realtime analytics and actionable insights
• Healthcare data science direct on the platform, avoiding any leakage of data
• Streaming data and streaming data integration (using pub/sub patterns)
• Export of the data to any source Next to this we can provide data and insights consultancy and healthcare data-scientists as a service, to kickstart adoption.
About the Partner:

Tenzinger go Data, stay Human.
With 300+ professionals we strive to improve the quality of Dutch healthcare by providing smart and innovative solutions, services and insights in healthcare.