Customer engagement platform for the Data Cloud - run better campaigns today

Supergrain connects to your source-of-truth customer data in Snowflake and enables businesses to create unified customer profiles, build flexible customer segments, and run personalized campaigns across any channel.

Businesses running on Snowflake can leverage their existing customer data in Supergrain to run more targeted campaigns and experiment more quickly, without additional data pipelines or engineering/data support.

Key use cases:

* SINGLE CUSTOMER VIEW: create a single customer view on top of Snowflake.
* ADVANCED SEGMENTATION: build customer segments for messaging and personalization.
* CAMPAIGN ORCHESTRATION: run campaigns that activate, retain, and win back customers with the right messages at the right times.
* CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION: Analyze and optimize your campaigns using source-of-truth conversion metrics.

About the Partner:

Supergrain is a customer engagement platform that enables brands to understand their customers and engage them with the right messages at the right times.

Our software unlocks the power of your customer data and Snowflake to deliver more personalized customer experiences across all your channels. Leading enterprises use Supergrain to drive increased growth and ROI across their businesses.