Generate first-party descriptive Customer Behavioral Data Profiles with granular journey mapping optimized for Customer 360 use cases, reliably at scale in the Data Cloud

Snowplow allows organizations to generate, enhance and model Customer Behavioral Data Profiles, delivered natively in the data cloud and optimized for impactful Customer 360 use cases. Customer Behavioral Profiles are created with Snowplow’s descriptively rich, first-party behavioral data delivered in the Data Cloud, providing a single customer view by default across all devices and unimpacted by privacy technology like ad-blockers. Key features of Snowplow Customer Behavioral Profiles: – Descriptive Richness: Powered by event-level Behavioral Data, at scale – Identity Resolution: Single customer view by default across multiple platforms, channels and devices – Ad-block resilient: 400-day first-party cookies unimpacted by browser privacy technology – Real-time data streaming with Data Quality Management tooling – Compliance: 100% ownership and control of first-party data within the customer’s own cloud fabric

About the Partner:

Snowplow empowers organizations to generate trustworthy, first-party Customer Data to power Marketing and Advertising performance.

1.9+ million sites and applications use Snowplow to generate and model first-party customer data from across their digital interfaces to capture descriptive customer journeys and build actionable first-party Behavioral Profiles. Purposely designed for the data platforms as a single source of truth; Marketers, Data teams and CDPs can activate Snowplow data across Customer 360, Personalization and ML use cases.

With Snowplow, organizations like Strava, Autotrader, and reach, engage and win customers, while retaining an industry-leading data governance posture with full GDPR and CCPA compliance.


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