Snorkel AI

Accelerate time to value with our transformative programmatic approach to data labeling/development

Snorkel AI’s data-centric, programmatic approach speeds AI development by 10-100x. Snorkel Flow is a data-centric AI platform that enables users to move beyond the bottleneck created by manual data labeling. It does so via a unique programmatic approach to labeling and managing training data.

In Snorkel Flow, users manage data throughout the full AI lifecycle by writing programs to label, manipulate, and monitor training data. These programmatic inputs are modeled and integrated using theoretically-grounded statistical techniques, then made accessible to both developers and non-developers alike through both a no-code UI and Python SDK. They then drive a whole new programmatic, data-centric development and lifecycle process within the Snorkel Flow platform.

Data scientists can harness the power of Snowflake’s Data Cloud and with a few clicks immediately pull structured and unstructured data in Snowflake into Snorkel Flow. This is accomplished using a Snowflake connector which is integrated directly into the Snorkel Flow GUI. Snorkel’s technology has been used to unlock new ML use cases in banking, insurance, healthcare, criminology, and journalism and to power mission critical AI applications for Fortune 500 enterprises such as Chubb, Genentech, Google, and more.

About the Partner:

Founded by a team spun out of the Stanford AI Lab, Snorkel AI makes AI application development fast and practical by unlocking the power of machine learning without the bottleneck of manually-labeled training data. Snorkel Flow is the first data-centric AI platform powered by programmatic labeling. Backed by Addition, Greylock, GV, In-Q-Tel, Lightspeed Venture Partners and funds and accounts managed by BlackRock, the company is based in Palo Alto. For more information on Snorkel AI, please visit: or follow @SnorkelAI.