Product-Led Sales platform that turns product data into revenue

Pocus is the first Product-Led Sales platform that turns product data into revenue. Pocus empowers go-to-market teams use data to improve customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion – without relying on engineers.

Pocus combines data from the data warehouse and the CRM to give go-to-market teams a holistic view of their customers.

Snowflake customers can activate a goldmine of product usage data for their customer-facing teams (sales, success, and marketing) through dashboards, scoring models, and automations – all in one platform.

About the Partner:

High growth SaaS businesses like Clockwise, Linear, and OpenPhone, are using Pocus to uncover millions in new revenue opportunities, accelerate time to value for extracting insights from product data, and enable rapid experimentation for non-technical teams. Pocus was founded in 2021 and backed by Coatue, First Round Capital, Box Group, and top operators at PLG companies. Learn more, visit www.pocus.com.