An end-to-end billing & revenue management platform that automates your entire quote-to-cash lifecycle and streamlines your billing & revenue operations

OneBill is an integrated cloud-based billing platform, tightly coupled with 5 different products to automate your entire quote-to-cash lifecycle and powering the entire lead-to-revenue generation experience.​ The platform supports any combination of one-time, recurring, dynamic, hybrid, and usage based pricing. And, it is the only platform that handles multi-level channel partner management and does real-time settlements for channel partners.

OneBill’s 5 Products integrated into ONE cloud Platform:

1. Configure, Price, and Quote:
OneBill’s Configure, Price, and Quote platform helps companies accelerate their sales operations by removing manual tasks and complexities from the sales process and delivering fast, error-free quotes and eliminating order errors. OneBill CPQ’s features include Product & Pricing Studio, Price Personalization, Contract Management, and Quoting & E-Approvals.

2. Billing and Revenue Management:
OneBill’s Billing and Revenue Management (OneBill BRM) helps businesses to automate their billing, invoicing, revenue tracking, and payments while you focus on scaling your business. OneBill BRM’s features include Usage Rating Engine, Taxation, Billing & Invoicing, and Accounts Receivable Reporting​.

3. Customer Relationship Management:
OneBill’s Customer Relationship Management (OneBill CRM) helps companies efficiently manage customer interactions through the end-to-end revenue generation experience. OneBill CRM’s features include Service Desk, Self-Care Portal, and Storefront Shopping Cart​.

4. Service Delivery Platform:
OneBill’s Service Delivery Platform (OneBill SDP) helps businesses with seamless subscription activation experience for their customers. OneBill SDP’s features include Workflow Engine, Order Orchestration, Automated Service Fulfillment, Inventory Management.

5. Multi-Level Channel Management:
OneBill’s Multi-Level Channel Management (OneBill MLCM) helps companies bring their reseller or agent partners into one billing ecosystem, power their capabilities and ensure that their revenue is maximized. OneBill is the only platform which can actually do the real-time settlement for channel partners. OneBill MLCM’s features include Hybrid Catalogue​, White-Label Bill-On-Behalf-Of​, Multi-Party Settlement​, and Commission Management​​.

About the partner:

OneBill is a silicon valley company founded in 2009, with a Global presence across four continents and 14 different industries, that builds end-to-end billing and revenue management software platforms. OneBill is disrupting and revolutionizing the billing industry by creating an intelligent end-to-end billing & revenue management platform to give customers the more optimized, instantaneous, flexible, and streamlined product experience. With passion to push the boundaries, OneBill has established a dedicated Innovation Center where the product development experts are constantly finding new ways to optimize and leverage the OneBill platform to serve customer needs today and in the future.

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