North American Bancard

Merchant payment processing data for business analysts

North American Bancard provides merchant and transactional payment processing data that can be used to perform analysis. Based on the agreement, the frequency of the data will be adjusted to accommodate the requestors needs.

Data shared:
– Merchant information (name, address, current status, etc).
– Credit/Debit card transactions for merchants related to the access of the reader.
– Disputed or declined transaction information
– Deposit transaction information for merchants

About the Partner:

North American Bancard is re-imagining the payment experience. As a leading payment technology innovator, NAB has a diversified product platform that provides a modern end-to-end infrastructure to enable globally-preferred payment types. NAB’s superior solutions deliver seamless payments experiences in mobile, ecommerce, and in-store environments. Serving hundreds of thousands of businesses and handling close to $100 billion in electronic transactions annually, NAB delivers functional, frictionless solutions for the evolving merchant economy.