Autonomous Planning, Value-at-Risk Prediction and Recommendations for supply chain operators Enterprise AI® engines ingest massive amounts of data and sense disruptions to the perfect flow of goods. They predict future scenarios that create waste and wasted profits. Then they prioritize threats to operators and executives by Value-at-Risk. Finally, they model millions of potential actions, and recommend optimal actions to maintain flow. These recommendations then are written back into your ERP, Advanced Planning, MES, and QMS systems for execution.

Inventory Flow: Cut Inventory and Reduce Stockouts
When volatility, uncertainty, and complexity overwhelm planners and threaten profits, Inventory Flow provides execution clarity that prevents waste.

Quality Flow: Prevent Quality and Yield Losses
When production losses threaten profits for inexplicable reasons, Quality Flow unmasks root causes and provides operational clarity that prevents waste.


About the Partner:

Our intention is simple: Flow Operations to create a world without waste.

We created to be a great place for all our colleagues to learn, explore, and grow as professionals. We are a diverse and interdisciplinary team of world-class data scientists, design professionals, business operations experts, and technologists. We are dedicated to inclusion and celebrate the breadth of perspectives, vision, and expertise that are necessary to develop the Flow Operations solutions of tomorrow. leadership is a proven dream team of executives with decades of FlowOps experience from world-class firms such as IBM Watson, Deloitte, SAP, MIT Media Lab, Boston Consulting Group, MicroStrategy, and many more.