A no-code decision intelligence platform for retail and CPG

HyperFinity is a no-code decision intelligence platform for retailers and CPGs. It joins the dots between customer, product and click data to enable more intelligent decisions from one powerful, centralised platform.

Given the huge shortage of data science and AI talent globally, HyperFinity makes decision intelligence easily accessible to any business user, without the need to code.

With a lightning quick analytics engine, powered by Snowflake, and highly accessible user interface, it allows non-technical business users to apply sophisticated data science and AI techniques. Users can then make unified, customer-led product assortment, pricing, marketing & media, e-commerce and merchandising decisions.

It embeds data science and AI in daily workflows and is quick and easy to implement, meaning lower costs and faster time to insights and value.

Along with being accessible for any business user, HyperFinity also helps data scientists become more productive by automating tasks such as creating product and customer attributes, customer decision trees, affinity, loyalty and substitutability metrics.

Core analytics engine

Affinity analytics: Create product affinities across every level of your hierarchy in seconds. Understand how products are bought together or substituted for each other.

Attributes: Use AI to create product attributes and features based on how consumers see your products. Map product attributes to individual customers to understand what makes them tick.

Customer need states: Create interactive customer decision trees for every category. Identify missions and how your product range fulfils every consumer need across the entire journey.

Customer segments: Create macro, micro or individual customer segments at the click of a button and create personalised decisions against every customer or segment to drive ‘next best action’ intelligence.

Product assortment & range
Pricing and promotions
Marketing and media
Ecommerce and merchandising

About the Partner:

HyperFinity are experts in helping retail and CPG companies make great commercial decisions, using data science and AI. Having spent years’ working in major retail, CPG, data and tech businesses, we created HyperFinity to address an unmet need in the market – to provide access to powerful data science and AI for non technical users. HyperFinity is a no-code decision intelligence platform which puts the power of data science and AI in the hands of those responsible for making business decisions. For example, marketers, merchandisers and media planners. HyperFinity works with many high profile retailers and CPGs, including Asda, Costa, Freemans, Studio Retail, Card Factory and Beaverbrooks. We help them make great commercial decisions which deliver first class customer experiences and increased revenue and profit for our clients.