Reverse ETL for the Data Cloud - activate your data today.

Snowflake is your source of truth for customer data. Hightouch syncs this data to tools your company relies on – Salesforce, Facebook Ads, Marketo, Netsuite, and 100+ others.

No more engineering favors or keeping insights confined to Snowflake.

Fortune 500 enterprises use Hightouch for:
– Marketing & Product personalization
– Advertising targeting efficiency
– Customer Success churn reduction
– Financial forecasting improvement

Unleash customer data across all of your business tools.


About the partner:

Hightouch is the market-leader in reverse ETL. We provide the most destinations, deepest integrations, and serve both technical and non-technical users – unlocking the most value for Snowflake data across your enterprise.

Enterprises like Warner Music Group, Flickr, and Plaid use Hightouch to accelerate marketing growth, improve ad spend, reduce customer churn, and supercharge operational efficiency.

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