Gem Security

Security Operations Cloud Detection and Response

Detect in real-time, Respond with context. Gem delivers a centralized approach to tackle cloud threats, from incident response readiness, through out-of-the-box threat detection, investigation and response in real-time (Cloud TDIR).

With Gem you get:

– Cloud Incident Response Readiness
– Collect what you need to ensure you are breach ready. Understand what you need, quickly fix visibility gaps, and save costs over traditional solutions.
– Real-Time Threat Detection for all Clouds
– Gain out-of-the-box coverage against hundreds of cloud-native TTPs and eliminate manual toil.
– Accelerate response: hours turn to minutes
– Respond with automated investigative steps and built-in incident response know-how.
– Stop attacks, minimize impact
– Orchestrate changes across identity, compute, network, data to limit the blast radius.

Gem stitches together disparate signals, turning opaque cloud telemetry transparent. We deliver unified detection for multi-IaaS environments and simplified processes for triage and response, empowering Security Operations teams in the cloud era.

About the Partner:

We spent decades as builders and defenders. We built cloud-native platforms at scale, and were in the trenches responding to hundreds of large-scale and sophisticated incidents – everywhere, and in the cloud.

Every organization we worked with was different, and many employed best-in-class cloud security solutions. But one thing was constant: once organizations were faced with an actual cloud incident, they were unable to see and understand what was happening and struggled to respond in time.

Organizations were building taller and taller fences. But they had no proper sensors or guards, no means to swiftly respond when something bad happened: they were unprepared to respond to an incident in the cloud at the scale and speed required.

At Gem, we leverage our years of Cloud and Incident Response expertise to change this, providing the world’s first cloud security platform purpose-built for security operations.