Equity Data Science (EDS)

Power up your investment team strategy with an investment process management (IPM) platform to optimize pre- and post-trade decision-making and workflows.

Equity Data Science (EDS) is a leading fintech offering Investment Process Management (IPM) solutions to optimize and scale pre-and post-trade decision-making and workflows. Fundamental managers harness all of their proprietary and third-party data with purpose-built analytics and configurable, time-saving workflow solutions across the investment lifecycle, including Idea Generation, Portfolio Construction, Research Management (RMS), Risk Management, Performance Attribution and ESG Analytics.

  • Digitally transform your workflows without losing your secret sauce; we are fully configurable.
  • Optimally use all data that is part of the investment process: internal data such as models/ranks, notes, as well as external data–including fundamental, research, alternative data–in one platform.
  • Centralize your research process across the entire investment team to foster institutional knowledge.
  • Create a strong compliance system and importantly, internal information stays in-house.
  • Quickly implement a flexible, cost-effective platform with  advanced underlying technology.
  • Maximize and monitor team performance and alpha; the solution is based 100% on your intelligence and investment process.

EDS is a true partner

  • We provide superior customer support; each client has access to a dedicated data science team.
  • Implementation is not disruptive. We configure the EDS solution to your existing process to preserve and effectively leverage your secret sauce.
  • We go to market with a Proof of Concept (POC), which allows you to experience this partnership first-hand.

About the Partner:

Equity Data Science (EDS) is a global investment process management solutions provider with deep domain expertise and modernized technology. It empowers fundamental investors to maximize returns through greater insights and productivity by aggregating data sources and refining workflows to govern investment decisions. EDS provides a fully configurable, measurable, and scalable platform with purpose-built analytics to support the entire investment lifecycle, including idea generation, research management, portfolio construction and analytics, risk management, performance attribution and ESG. Visit us at www.equitydatascience.com.