Elysium Analytics

A security data and analytics platform for SOC teams

The Elysium Analytics Security Data Lake solution is the first fully operationalized, turn-key security data lake with an open data model for contextual and deep analytics natively built on Snowflake. To give customers immediate value, Elysium Analytics also provides pre-built full-text search and analytics applications for threat investigations, threat hunting, and threat monitoring. Additionally, customers can build their own use cases and applications with tools such as Jupyter Notebook, a machine learning engine, SQL, Looker, and OpenSearch Dashboards.

Key Benefits
• Turnkey operationalized security data lake for fast time to value
• Machine learning-based baselining for efficient analysis of high-risk event activity
• Anomaly detection for identification of unknown cyber threats in near real time
• Full visibility with unified views across all sources
• Out-of-box applications for full-text search, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), insider threat detection, and compliance
• Native integration of Jupyter Notebooks for Data Scientists


About the Partner:

At Elysium Analytics, our core team comes from a background in Security, Analytics, and Big Data with experience building log analytics solutions to manage petabytes of data. With this deep experience and knowledge, combined with modern cloud platforms, we have built a Semantic Security Data Lake using the Elysium Open Data Model for faster and better analytics.

We have optimized every single benefit from the Snowflake platform. With our data pipeline, machine learning-based analytics, correlation, search, and dashboards, we offer a solution that finally shows the true potential of what “the Cloud” can do for better security analytics— and ultimately a better run business for all our customers. Please join us at Elysium Analytics in the security data lake revolution.