Elementum is the only workflow management platform built specifically for supply chain.

Elementum + Snowflake provides native access to company and partner data, quickly operationalizing the supply chain to eliminate interruptions and drive performance. Eliminate the wasteful tasks that consume time and drain productivity. Put an end to all the data entry, email chains, info searches, shared inboxes, status updates, and other productivity killers like logging in and out of multiple applications to access data and manage performance. Put all supply chain processes and applications on one platform to: Avoid stock outs and materials shortages Optimize sourcing activities Mitigate carrier or customs issues proactively Collaborate with channel partners Reduce OTIF penalties With Snowflake, supply chain data is made available, and with Elementum, that data becomes actionable via automation, workflows, and insights. These capabilities can be applied to any supply chain process to: Automate manual and repetitive tasks Track operational performance in real-time and receive real-time updates Overlay external datasets to create smart workflows that update dynamically Identify trends and patterns to eliminate bottlenecks With Elementum, customers can simplify their operations while making faster, more accurate decisions. Improve execution and increase resiliency with workflow management for supply chain.

About the Partner:

Elementum is the only workflow platform built specifically for supply chain management. Elementum’s cloud-native architecture enables integration-free data connections, instantaneous provisioning, no-code administration, real-time analytics, and seamless internal and external partner collaboration.

Elementum enables customers to work the way they do with an intuitive user experience, a simple drag-and-drop user no code configuration, and full mobile functionality.