Drop Technologies Inc

Consumer-permissioned transactional dataset

Drop surfaces ethically sourced data from our core marketing business, giving investors a safe and conscientious way to gain valuable insight into consumer’s spending. Our consumers engage with our direct merchant network for rewards in exchange for access to their transaction data and their opinions via surveys. Consumers share multiple spending accounts, providing a complete view of wallet, which is then leveraged to build transaction-targeted surveys that finally allow researchers to understand the “why” at the core of consumer spending trends.

About the partner:

Drop is a consumer rewards platform (see App) that exists at the intersection of commerce and fintech. By connecting their spend accounts, our users receive a personalized commerce experience that allows them to seamlessly earn rewards for engaging with their favorite brands via custom offers, surveys, games and contests. This dynamic data dividend model has facilitated Drop’s access to a consumer-permissioned transactional dataset.

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