Create & collaborate between data users to accelerate the creation of datasets for analytics & ML

Datameer offers an innovative data modelling and transformation toolset that brings non-coders into the analytic engineering process and fosters collaboration between citizen data users and engineers to accelerate the creation and delivery of datasets for analytics, machine learning, and reporting.

Organizations globally are modernizing their data stack with Snowflake. The Snowflake Data Cloud offers tremendous advances in terms of scalability, flexibility, ease of use, and reduced administration. While modern ETL and ELT tools have automated loading and syncing data into Snowflake, data engineering teams work with developing fit-for-purpose datasets to meet the ever-growing analytical and machine learning needs of the business. With Datameer, business teams with no prior SQL coding experience can self-serve and create their own datasets inside of Snowflake via a no-code visual interface. Data engineers can review, contribute or optimize these datasets if needed using a more traditional SQL editor. Datameer gives data engineers the control they require and analysts the ability to support a collaborative data modelling and transformation process.


About the Partner:

Datameer enables data engineers and analysts to transform data directly in Snowflake via a simple SQL code or no-code interface.