A cloud cost intelligence platform for Snowflake and beyond, offering spend visibility and control

CloudZero is a cloud cost intelligence platform that helps companies innovate efficiently in the cloud — by improving unit economics, preventing cost overruns, and driving data-driven decisions.

With CloudZero, companies running on Snowflake gain access to a unified view of all cloud spend, including Snowflake, providing visibility into the total cost to run their products. By aligning companies’ cloud spend with quantifiable metrics like features, customers, and unit costs, CloudZero makes cloud costs meaningful for businesses.

Designed to overcome typical cloud cost hurdles, such as inconsistencies in tagging, containers, and shared costs, CloudZero gives finance and engineering teams an accurate, shared understanding of cloud cost spend, without the effort of legacy cost management and optimization.


About the partner:

CloudZero is the cloud cost intelligence platform that puts spend into the context of your business. By aligning engineering, infrastructure, and finance teams around metrics like cost per product feature, customer, and development team, CloudZero enables better strategic decisions, improved unit economics, and efficient spending.

Trusted by top cloud-driven companies like Rapid7, TripAdvisor, and SeatGeek, CloudZero works with organizations of all sizes to take the next steps toward cloud cost maturity.

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