Chord Commerce

Chord is the API-first, data-first commerce platform for DTC innovators


Chord is an API-first e-commerce platform offering a robust analytics suite and pre-built, customizable features, from store-front to back-end logistics, which enable merchants to build truly differentiated shopping experiences. Chord’s analytics suite surfaces insights by applying layers of cutting-edge data modeling to otherwise disparate data sources and visualizing them via Chord’s out-of-the-box Business Intelligence dashboards. Leading DTC brands leverage Chord to:

  • Create original experiences that drive retention, conversion, and lifetime value
  • Understand revenue retention and growth forecasts
  • Identify key cohorts, products, and behaviors
  • Analyze and execute effective merchandising decisions
  • Optimize site and marketing channels


About the Partner:

Chord offers API-first commerce technology that can easily adapt to front-end changes without impacting back-end operations. All the while, Chord’s data orchestration layer allows for data across destinations to be collected into Snowflake and visualized by Chord’s business intelligence dashboards.

Chord gives commerce operators access to in-depth insights to make impactful decisions, and the ability to quickly turn those decisions into better technology with our developer-first infrastructure.

DTC leaders like Caraway, Super73, and Underlining use Chord Commerce to revolutionize their businesses by creating a tech infrastructure that can easily adapt to best-in-class tools without sacrificing performance or developer time.

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