Your next generation Customer Engagement Platform

Castled is a Customer Engagement platform built natively on top of Snowflake. Castled lets you leverage 360-degree customer profiles, events, and other core business entities in your Snowflake to run more hyper-personalized campaigns at one-third the cost.

  • No more dependency on data teams to build and maintain those complex pipelines to bring data from Snowflake to your CEP.
  • Use our powerful visual builder to create dynamic customer segments directly on top of Snowflake.
  • Get over the restrictive data look-back periods enforced by your CEPs.

About the Partner:

Castled is a YCombinator-backed company. The founders are industry veterans who have worked in the data industry for more than six years. Our vision is to help you unlock the true potential of data in your Snowflake. We believe the warehouse data is extremely powerful and should not be limited to power executive dashboards alone.