A centralized analytics suite with data-powered insights for your ecommerce business.

Cart Unified Analytics solution allows customers to get end-to-end insights of their ecommerce operations, all in one centralized location. Powered by Snowflake, the solution integrates metrics from sales and marketing data, web traffic, advertising spend, fulfillment channels, proprietary first-party data and third-party sources. The solution uses proven techniques across both interactive reporting and advanced analytics including but not limited to ML-based attribution, demand forecasting, and customer segmentation. Cart Unified Analytics performs all the way through the shopper journey, allowing brand executives to focus on the most important aspects of their business: attracting, converting, fulfilling, supporting and retargeting their most valuable shoppers.

Harmonize your rich website click-stream data with inputs from advertising channels, OMS, or CRM transforming it into consumable formats. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to measure the incrementality of your marketing efforts.

Get key insights into your order history, product penetrations and customers with data for customer acquisition, customer retention, customer lifetime value, geographical trends and seasonality.

Investigate conversion rate optimization opportunities with real-time statistics like page views and bounce rate. Understand the entire micro-conversion funnel and page pathing.

Combine demand forecasting with inventory levels across fulfillment centers, monitor delivery times on specific SKUs, and review shipping costs to improve profit margins.

Warehouse disparate channels and segment critical marketing KPIs by campaign, channel, brand or time period to capitalize on emerging trends to adjust marketing strategies and maximize impact.

Unify the various platforms across your ecommerce value chain into one central location with frictionless onboarding of disparate data sources.


About the partner: is the world’s first end-to-end ecommerce platform, built to help brands of all sizes grow and thrive online. Our fully integrated suite of software, services, and infrastructure (including data analytics, marketing services, storefront platform, and fulfillment services) enable brands of all sizes to move faster, grow larger, and deliver a modern, seamless ecommerce experience for brands and shoppers alike.

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