Atheon Analytics

Cloud-native demand signal repository (DSR), designed from the ground up to help CPGs thrive in an age of uncertainty

Introducing Desire, Desire gives you the ability to respond quickly and effectively to changing demand by helping you find the best answers to your biggest questions. By capturing, simplifying, and synchronising demand signals from across your supply chain network, Desire empowers agility by helping you make smarter, faster decisions. It’s a tailor-made, all-in-one solution to the inherent complexity of modern supply and demand.

Why it helps We built Desire to help you capture, simplify, and synchronise demand signals from all points of the flow of goods. How?

-Turn demand signals into something powerful, not painful Desire standardises demand signals of all kinds into a consistent and easily managed format, cutting complexity and enabling you to build models and dashboards that work across all retailers immediately.

-Gain a complete picture of demand Being able to add new data or make modifications quickly and effortlessly is vital for creating a data repository optimised for efficient analysis. Desire allows you to make changes in hours, not weeks, giving you a comprehensive and timely picture of demand.

-Fuel consistent, cohesive analysis – speeding time to insight Machine learning and AI can be used to predict demand, but only when applied universally across a Data Lake. Desire makes it easier for you to apply those techniques by pulling data together in a uniform way. How it works Desire’s three key modules give you everything you need to turn raw demand data into actionable insights.

-Catalogue: Organises your data in a useful and accessible way, validating files and attaching metadata as needed.

-Transformer Engine: Wherever your data comes from, and in whatever format, our transformers make it consistent and coherent.

-Demand Signal Repository: A comprehensive model of the retailer world helps you create accurate, insightful simulations of future demand.

What can Desire do for you? If you’ve been struggling to realise value from your Data Lake or other demand forecasting investments, then Desire is the solution you’ve been looking for

About the Partner:

Atheon Analytics helps CPGs and retailers make data-driven decisions. Our purpose is to humanise data so that people can make complex decisions with confidence. Most people enjoy exploring, discovering and understanding the world around them, but in an increasingly complex world, this can feel impossible. Atheon’s technology platform has been developed to support the collection, organisation and improvement of large data sets and to provide tools that enable our customers to explore and understand the data so they can make informed decisions.