Analytic Labs Data Corporation

Turn-key analytics solution for clients who don't have the expertise or desire to build their own.

We knew businesses needed a way to collect their data from a variety of sources and easily make sense of what it’s saying. However, structuring data from multiple sources is not only complex, but as new platform data is added, it becomes exponentially complex. Just because you’re getting a report, doesn’t mean the data is actionable or even accurate. Our software, Eclipse, solves this challenge by integrating your data directly from your source systems in a way that provides you access as if they were a single system. Whether an off-the-shelf system or heavily customized, on-premise or in the cloud, if it has a timestamp, we can integrate it.

About the Partner:

The design principles behind Eclipse are rapid implementation (weeks, not months), continual maintenance, and with the cost savings of a shared platform.
We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience and love big challenges. If we can help at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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