Aladdin® by BlackRock

Aladdin Studio: Data and Developer platform including the Aladdin Data Cloud powered by Snowflake

Aladdin Studio is a data and developer platform delivered as part of BlackRock’s end-to-end Aladdin® investment platform. Aladdin Studio enables investment professionals to build on top of core data and workflows in Aladdin® to create innovative solutions to meet bespoke needs across the investment process. Powered by Snowflake, Aladdin Data Cloud enables you to bring all your investment-related data together on a single, cloud enabled platform, making it easy to generate differentiated analytics and insights. Unlock the power of your data to innovate with Aladdin Studio.

Aladdin Studio includes tailored products and capabilities for the investment process:

•   Aladdin Data Cloud powered by Snowflake hosts all of a client’s investment-related data – from inside and outside of Aladdin® – on a single, cloud-enabled data platform
•   API surface to retrieve, write, and modify data from across the Aladdin® ecosystem to power proprietary applications and create custom tools
•   Aladdin Compute – a hosted analytics platform with ready to use python environments and automation tools.
•   Developer guides, templates, and documentation to accelerate technological innovation.
•   Governance and administrative tools to control and monitor usage


About the partner:

Aladdin® by BlackRock is an investment platform for investment professionals that powers every aspect of the investment process. This end-to-end portfolio management platform combines sophisticated risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management tools, trading, operations, compliance, accounting and sustainability capabilities to enable organizations to manage their whole portfolio – across asset classes – on a single platform. The Aladdin® data and developer platform, Aladdin Studio, brings together the tools investment professionals need to quickly build and innovate solutions on top of Aladdin®. Aladdin® technology brings clarity and connectivity to the world’s financial ecosystem, covering the needs of Investment Managers, Pensions, Insurers and more.

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