Adverity is a leading intelligent data and analytics platform

Adverity is the data and analytics platform enabling marketing, sales and eCommerce teams to make better decisions and improve performance.

What does Adverity do?
Adverity lets businesses easily connect all their data into a single source of truth, quickly visualize marketing performance in real-time, and reveal insights to make better decisions and improve performance.

Why does Adverity do this?
Marketing is fast becoming a data-driven industry and those companies that have learned to unlock the true power of their data to improve performance are those most likely to succeed.

The reality is that businesses without an adequate level of data maturity will continue to suffer from multiple challenges:

1. Vast amounts of time and resource wasted on inefficient reporting methods
2. Business-critical decisions being made on siloed and inaccurate data
3. Slow time to insights making it difficult to optimize campaigns
4. Lack of visibility over data, campaign performance, marketing spend
5. Difficulty in demonstrating marketing’s value to the wider business

How Adverity works

Adverity’s modular offering means that you can benefit from an end-to-end solution, or else pick and choose what you need and embed it seamlessly into your tech stack.

1) Connect: Connect, enhance, and transform all your marketing, sales, and customer data from more than 600 sources and build a single source of truth ready for visualization, activation, or storage

2) Visualize: Visualize your data from different sources in a single dashboard and have a complete overview of your business performance. Reduce the complexity of marketing reporting by delivering automated, compelling visualizations and actionable Create highly customized reports matching your specific business needs, or use one of our Out-of-the-box Dashboards to quickly build advanced reports for the most common marketing use cases.

3) Reveal: Improve your ROI with proactive analytics that automatically identifies trends, spots anomalies, and provides you with actionable insights to drive marketing effectiveness and business growth. It uncovers new insights faster than ever before and minimizes the manual effort of getting from data to decisions. Our intelligent machine learning capabilities continuously assess and interprets all your data so you can make the best decisions for your marketing spend.

About the partner:

Adverity is a leading intelligent data and analytics platform that enables businesses to make insights-driven decisions, faster and easier. Used by marketing, sales and eCommerce teams around the world, Adverity transforms siloed data into actionable insight, reducing the complexity in demonstrating marketing effectiveness and return on investment across multiple channels.
By automating data integration from hundreds of sources and working seamlessly with your existing tech stack, Adverity’s flexible end-to-end platform delivers a single view of marketing and sales performance across your entire business. The platform’s powerful data visualizations and proactive analytics reveals tangible insights and uncovers real-time opportunities for improving performance and driving growth. Adverity is headquartered in Vienna, with offices in London and New York.

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