Gain insight and control over your Snowflake environment. Acceldata Data Observability Cloud maximized the return on your Snowflake investment with deep insights into performance, consumption, data reliability, and much more.

Acceldata Data Observability Cloud helps your data team ensure reliability and gain deep insights into performance & spend across your data environments. Improve data trust with data reliability capabilities like flexible, custom, and automated data quality monitoring, data reconciliation, schema drift, data drift, and anomaly detection across your data sources. Track end-to-end data pipeline performance and quality across your data stacks. Improve your Snowflake efficiency and track consumption to align cost to value with performance optimization and spend intelligence enabling FinOps for Snowflake and other cloud platforms.

About the Partner:

Acceldata, the market leader in enterprise data observability for the modern data stack. Founded in 2018, Campbell, CA-based Acceldata has developed the world’s first enterprise Data Observability Cloud to help enterprises build and operate great data products. Acceldata’s solutions have been embraced by global customers, such as Oracle, PubMatic, PhonePe (Walmart), Pratt & Whitney, DBS, and many more. Acceldata investors include Insight Partners, March Capital, Lightspeed, Sorenson Ventures, and Emergent Ventures.