Partner with Snowflake to help innovate and accelerate your customers’ business. Snowflake relies on two categories of partners to deliver services:

  • Referral Partners – Designed for you to qualify and refer customers to Snowflake and earn a referral fee with no investment upfront.
  • Solution Partners – Created for you to receive access to extensive training and content to help you implement Snowflake across various customer environments. 

The Referral Partner Advantage

  • No up-front investment
  • Access to basic training
  • Co-branded marketing
  • Referral fees

The Solution Partner Advantage

  • A minimum of three of your consultants trained on Snowflake
  • Advanced training on Snowflake implementation
  • Access to additional training, technical reference library and specialized support
  • Co-branded marketing
  • Listing in Snowflake Partner Directory
  • Referral fees