Snowflake Opens East Coast Headquarters in New York City

Company establishes Bryant Park location to meet demand from financial services and media industries


SAN MATEO, Calif. — October 5, 2018 — Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced the opening of its new East Coast headquarters at 114 West 41st Street in New York City, under the leadership of Matt Glickman, VP of Customer and Product Strategy.

The new Snowflake office is located in the center of Midtown, just off Bryant Park, in the epicenter of the city’s cloud technology companies. The area is home to many dynamic cloud and tech companies, including Salesforce, Roku and Demandbase.

Snowflake accelerated its push to open a New York headquarters due to strong customer demand, primarily driven by financial services firms, and as part of its strategy to expand partnerships with East Coast-based companies. Snowflake currently works with several of the top financial services firms and leading brands in media, including Adobe and Nielsen.

“By establishing our new headquarters in New York City we can better serve, engage and partner with our growing list of East Coast-based enterprise customers and partners,” Glickman said. “As media and financial services companies accelerate their move to the cloud for their tech strategy, they are looking to become more data-driven. Snowflake is the answer.”

114 West 41st Street is an iconic New York building; it was one of the city’s first skyscrapers when it was built in 1913, and was recently refurbished to attract the city’s growing tech scene. The building’s lobby is decorated with images of iconic New York City figures and a framed pair of contemporary Andy Warhol skate decks.

“Just as 114 West 41st Street draws on the energy and insight of Andy Warhol, our clients look to us to address the art and science of their data,” added Glickman. “We hope our new office, in the heart of the burgeoning ‘cloud capital’ district, will serve as a hub for technology and conversation for the entire East Coast cloud technology and machine learning ecosystem.”

The location represents a homecoming for Glickman, who spent almost 25 years at Goldman Sachs in New York, rising to the position of Managing Director. Glickman joined Snowflake in 2015 to help bring the cloud revolution to financial services and drive cross-enterprise data sharing for ML/BI convergence.

“Financial services has always been a key part of New York’s business identity, and it is now going through a crucial change in how it does business,” Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia said. “The line between technology and financial services companies is blurring. The financial services industry is transforming itself into a data-driven, technology-first operation as it makes the move to the cloud. Snowflake is helping lead that transformation.”

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