Snowflake Continues Global Expansion with Australian Data Center Deployment

Organizations achieve the data sovereignty and low latency required to efficiently run their Australian operations.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Sep. 13, 2017 – Snowflake Computing, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced its new cloud deployment of Snowflake in the  Asia Pacific (Sydney) region. Available now, this is a key development for Snowflake’s multinational customers with Australian operations and its customers based in Australia. Snowflake’s Sydney deployment is another initiative in Snowflake’s customer-centric strategy for organizations to easily and affordably store and access all their data in one solution for deep, analytical insight.

Snowflake customers with operations in Australia can now keep their Australian data local. They get fast, low-latency access to their data, while accelerating their global data initiatives by satisfying their country-specific data needs. And organizations that want to establish a data warehouse in Australia now have local access to the only data warehouse built for the cloud. They get the performance, concurrency and simplicity of the most powerful data warehouse to help them succeed in the data-driven economy.

“(Australian) spending on hardware maintenance is forecast to decrease by 6% in 2018 as more Australian businesses leave their own data centers to embrace public cloud,” Forrester Principal Analyst Tim Sheedy wrote in the January 2017 Forrester report, Australian Tech Market Outlook For 2017 to 2018: CIOs Transform Their Tech Teams For The Age Of The Customer. “Cloud has enabled many companies to reduce the complexity of their back-end systems and leverage scale and automation to drive innovation and business agility. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft already have local data centers. This signifies that Australia is a major market for cloud providers and that they are serious on addressing local concerns about data sovereignty and latency.”

Sydney represents Snowflake’s fourth global deployment on AWS, following instances in US West (Oregon), US East (Northern Virginia) and EU (Frankfurt). Snowflake continues to serve the following needs of organizations that do business in multiple geographic regions:

  • Data sovereignty – Keep data local to meet regional data protection regulations.
  • Low latency – Acquire the best analytics performance possible with data close to home.
  • Data resiliency – Deploy a second instance of your data warehouse for high availability.

Blackboard Inc. is a Snowflake customer and a leading provider of learner, success-focused technology solutions and services. The company serves over 16,000 clients in 90 countries. Blackboard’s products provide education institutions around the world with a wide breadth of data about their academic programs and student performance. Blackboard uses Snowflake for its analytics products such as Blackboard Predict, which focuses on student risk and retention by using data to accurately and proactively identify students at risk and help them succeed with targeted interventions. Blackboard also uses Snowflake to understand how its learning management system is used in order to prioritize features and continuously improve its products.

“We’re excited about the availability of Snowflake in Australia. Keeping student data inside certain geographic regions per local regulations is crucial to serving our clients,” Blackboard’s director of product development, Jason White says. “It’s just another attribute of Snowflake’s compelling architecture, performance and availability that enables us to deliver innovative new solutions such as Blackboard Predict.”

Snowflake’s deployment in Australia enables organizations of any size and geographic location to move past the barrier of geography and get the most out of their data while capitalizing on all the benefits of working in the cloud.

“A data warehouse built for the cloud, with global availability, enables organizations to integrate and analyze all their data no matter where they are,” Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia says. “By providing an Australian deployment, Snowflake enables customers with Australian data to keep that information close to home. They now have more control over their data and how they comply with Australian data protection regulations.”

For details on Snowflake’s pricing for all available regions, visit our pricing page.


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