Snowflake Beats Competition to Become #1 Cloud Data Warehouse

Comprehensive analyst report puts Snowflake above world’s largest IT vendors

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Dec 20, 2016Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced that it beat competitors, including Google BigQuery, Teradata, IBM dashDB, HPE Vertica, Microsoft Azure SQL, SAP HANA and Oracle Exadata, to take the top spot in Gigaom Research’s review of enterprise cloud data warehouses.

The report, “Sector Roadmap: Cloud Analytic Databases 2017,” reviewed all vendors across Gigaom’s six product characteristics described as “Disruption Vectors”:

  • Robustness of SQL
  • Built-in optimization
  • On-the-fly elasticity
  • Dynamic Environment Adaption
  • Separation of compute from storage
  • Support for diverse data

Snowflake won the top spot with a score of 4.85 out of a possible 5.0 across all vectors. The other eight vendors averaged a total score of 3.5. The vendor that ranked the lowest scored a 2.6. Moreover, Snowflake was the only standalone product considered in Gigaom’s analysis that is not part of a much larger vendor. Gigaom recognized Snowflake on multiple fronts as the clear leader among top data warehouse vendors:

“Snowflake is built as a cloud analytic database from scratch. Its independent development, and focus on analytic features, has enabled Snowflake to hit the mark on all of our Disruption Vectors,” the report states. “With superior performance and the most hands-off model of ownership, Snowflake is the epitome of a data warehouse as a service. The model, cost, features, and scalability have already caused some to postpone Hadoop adoption.”

The Gigaom report also noted the benefits of cloud solutions versus what on-premises systems offer. And Gigaom’s analysis also concluded that significant differences still exist among varying cloud data warehouses.

“Conventional analytical databases and data warehouse systems are becoming unwieldy, due to their limitations of scaling their architecture and the correspondingly large capital outlay and administrative burden…Fully realized, a cloud analytical database solution will propel the capabilities of a company way ahead, but be forewarned, not all platforms leverage this breakout capacity to the fullest.”

The report also noted “key takeaways” for organizations to consider when assessing their next data warehouse purchase:

  • Options for cloud platforms meet, and sometimes exceed, the same usage capabilities as on-premises equivalents.
  • Due to economics and functionality, the cloud can be a given in most data warehouse selections in 2017 and beyond.
  • A tight integration with the cloud is imperative to long-lasting, cost-effective success for the analytic workload in a cloud data warehouse.

“We’re honored to be Gigaom’s top choice among enterprise, cloud data warehouse solutions,” Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia said. “Gigaom’s criteria are congruent with what customers tell as to why they choose Snowflake. Whether they’re a global enterprise, mid-tier company, or an organization in the early phases of growth and innovation, they select Snowflake to solve their current data analytics problems, and to enable innovative strategies to streamline their organizations, lead their industries and develop deep customer loyalty.”

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