Snowflake Announces General Availability on Microsoft Azure

Surge in customer demand for Snowflake on Azure delivers the only cloud-built data warehouse to a much wider and global customer base.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – September 26, 2018 – Snowflake Computing, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced the general availability of Snowflake on Microsoft Azure. Customer demand for Azure, and the need for large organizations to have flexibility in choosing cloud options, prompted Snowflake to offer its solution as an Azure-based cloud computing option.

Snowflake leverages Azure infrastructure services for data storage and query processing. In addition, it integrates with Azure services such as Azure Data Lake Store and Power BI. The platform also employs several new features, including limitless storage accounts, accelerated networking and storage soft delete. Snowflake is available in the Azure East-US-2 region, with more regions to be added in the months and years ahead.

“The demand for a cloud-built data warehouse continues to grow as more companies move their data and analytics workloads to the cloud,” Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia said. “Microsoft customers and multi-vendor cloud users prompted us to offer Snowflake on Azure. We’re a customer-centric company and offering Snowflake on Azure is about delivering customer choice. We look forward to serving these customers.”

Corey Sanders, Corporate Vice President for Azure Compute at Microsoft Corp. said: “Having worked closely with Snowflake to create an outstanding user experience on Azure, I am really excited about this announcement. Through this collaboration, both Snowflake and Azure customers will benefit from Snowflake’s performance, concurrency and flexibility along with Azure’s hybrid, intelligent and trusted cloud capabilities.  

Customer Use Case: Nielsen’s Connected System

Nielsen, the global measurement and data analytics company, built its next-generation Connected System as a cloud-native platform. It operates on large volumes of global, point-of-sale data to produce analytics that enable FMCG and retail companies around the world to achieve sustained, profitable growth in today’s ever-evolving industries.

“Nielsen strongly believes that advancements in computing will happen more rapidly in the cloud, and we’re proactively building the future of our business by leveraging Snowflake and Microsoft Azure,” Nielsen Buy CTO, Srini Varadarajan said. “In a world where insights derived from data within the enterprise are no longer sufficient, we are leveraging the multi-tenancy offered by these technologies to democratize data from different sources and make it available for analytics.”

Microsoft Ignite Announcement and Nielsen Use Case Session

Bob Muglia will officially announce the Snowflake on Azure GA news at Microsoft Ignite today at 10:45 a.m. ET during a joint session with Nielsen Buy’s Srini Varadarajan. The session is titled “Nielsen Connected System and Snowflake: Enabling modern data analytics in retail.” In addition, there is an on-site “Snow Lodge” at the Snowflake booth for demos and relaxing. Ignite details can be found here.

More About Snowflake on Azure

To find out more about Snowflake’s availability on Azure, read Bob Muglia’s blog by clicking here. For more information on how Snowflake was built on Azure , please read this blog post from Polita Paulus, Senior Engineer at Snowflake. To view a webinar about Snowflake on Azure specific to modern data analytics, click here.

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