Purple Uses Snowflake to Dramatically Increase Fulfillment and Production Rates

The revolutionary bed-in-a-box company uses Snowflake to fulfill its innovative comfort products to customers nationwide 

SAN MATEO, Calif. – November 12, 2019 – Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, today announced that Purple, the leader in comfort innovation and the creator of the renowned Purple® Mattress, uses Snowflake to revolutionize its production process. By using data to measure inventory levels of mattress components, Purple has been able to improve daily production by about 40%, ultimately improving their customers’ lives by delivering affordable comfort products more reliably nationwide.  

Purple stands out from competitors thanks to its patented Purple® Grid technology. Each mattress is manufactured with a layer of Purple® Grid that is scientifically-engineered to be soft or firm, as needed, for pressure-reducing comfort and support. Purple turned to Snowflake’s comprehensive data platform to prevent back-ordering and ensure fulfillment after introducing three additional mattress models last year and signing on new wholesale partners.

“Snowflake is the unsung hero behind the scenes,” Purple Head of Analytics, Scott Clark said. “It has completely changed how fast we’re able to fulfill orders. More efficient production has allowed us to deliver mattresses within days, giving our customers a more consistent and seamless experience and getting them the comfort they need to lead better lives, sooner.”

Snowflake’s database integrates smoothly with data platforms such as Looker, allowing Purple teams to understand fresh data and make quicker business decisions. Data is collected and reported from a single source, connecting the company’s marketing, production and customer service departments that were previously siloed. 

Purple moved to Snowflake a year ago for its data warehousing needs after outgrowing other systems. Today, Purple’s data engineers use Snowflake’s powerful cloud-built data warehouse to understand supply chain needs, forecast demand, and communicate amongst departments to ensure employees on the production floor can fulfill orders in a timely manner.

As a fast-growing startup, Purple has long since moved past the phase where decisions can be made based on intuition alone. Data scientists can now easily glean analytical insights and provide crucial feedback to other parts of the organization. These insights allow teams like Marketing and Customer Service to anticipate and respond to customer needs in real-time so that customers’ lives will be improved sooner with the timely fulfillment and delivery of the Purple suite of comfort products, in turn leading to more positive company sentiment and product reviews, a major competitive metric for the business.

“We’re able to actually increase the number of mattresses we build each day and focus on improving that yield, thanks to the clarity of data,” Clark said. “Snowflake helps us quickly pinpoint any irregularities. If we can’t ship on time, we’ll get negative reviews no matter how great our products are. Snowflake helps us improve in this area, making our customers happy and giving us a competitive edge.”

“As an innovative company, Purple is disrupting the mattress market,” Purple Communications Director Savannah Hobbs said. “Data is mission-critical to all that we do. Relying on Snowflake helps us to ensure that we get as much performance as we can out of our production and fulfillment capabilities and deliver the best possible products and experience to our customers.”

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About Purple 

Purple is a comfort innovation company that designs and manufactures products to improve people’s lives. It designs and manufactures a range of comfort products, including mattresses, pillows, and cushions, using its patented Purple® Grid technology designed to improve comfort. The Company markets and sells its products through its direct-to-consumer online channel, traditional retail partners, and third-party online retailers. For more information on Purple, visit www.purple.com.

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