Join Snowflake and VETS for a virtual event, on June 4th. During this event, you will learn about a new approach to State-wide data sharing for sensitive data, enabling cross-Agency collaboration focusing on Using Data for Good. We will discuss how Snowflake creates a ‘walled garden’ for data sharing, enabling a near-real-time experience with NO data movement.
You will see, LIVE, how Snowflake enables:

  • Immediate data availability for use without delays. No transformation, data movement, loading or reconstruction required.
  • Data always remains current. Changes made in real-time by a data provider are immediately available to data consumers without effort.
  • A data provider can share any amount of their data to any number of data consumers in a secure, governed manner with minimal effort.

We will also discuss topics around:

  • Cloud Data Warehousing
  • Data Lakes

In Partnership With:

Thursday, June 4th 10:00AM PT