Infrastructure as Code (IaC) describes the concept of defining configuration for cloud infrastructure in a way that it can be automated and version controlled just like any other app code. Terraform has established itself over the last five years as a leading IaC tool, and Snowflake has joined the party with its own Terraform provider, which was brought in-house in 2022.

This session will cover an introduction to Infrastructure as Code including practical demos / examples, trade-offs and alternative approaches, with a focus on why Terraform is relevant to Snowflake and used by a large proportion of our customers.

After an introduction, we’ll hear from two of our customers who are using Terraform with Snowflake today, best practices and lessons learned, and we will wrap up with some drinks, food and networking. 

We look forward to seeing you there.


6:00 pm – Doors open, drinks and nibbles, informal greet & meet
6:30 pm – Talks start – we will hear from:               

Snowflake – Terraforming Snowflake Intro
EQT Ventures – Deploying Terraform across the organisation  
AdviseInc – Unleashing DataOps: A small data team’s journey with Terraform, Snowflake and dbt

7:45 pm – Talk finishes, Q&A 
8:00 pm – Networking with more drinks
9:00 pm – end 


EQT Ventures | Figures -Fair Pay, Simple WayMakeSense – AdviseInc.

  • Dan Hunt

    Senior Partner Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Martin Runeson

    Data Engineering Manager, Data Architect, EQT Group

  • Thomas Hillerdal

    Data Engineer, EQT Group

  • Ro Alvarez

    Senior Data Engineer, AdviseInc


Tuesday, 19 September 2023
6:00 – 9:00 pm