Already a fan of Snowflake, or looking for more in-depth technical information about how to take the data warehouse built for the cloud to the next level? This is your track. Snowflake technical experts, partners, and customers will share detailed information about how to utilize the Snowflake architecture to the fullest, and optimize your investment in cloud analytics. Questions that you always wanted to ask? Bring your laptop and our heroes will help you out. You can also expect a detailed customer presentation telling you the experience with Snowflake from start to finish.


13:00 – 13:15 Opening
13:15 – 14:00 Technical deep dive with Peter Jansens
14:00 – 14:45 Partner Session TALEND
14:45 – 15:15 Break
15:15 – 16:00 Customer Session Housing Anywhere
16:00 – 16:30 Snowflake Session
16:30 –               BBQ by Looker