You are warmly welcome to join Snowflake and Solita for a collaborative breakfast seminar. Manufacturing industries are living in an era of accelerated change and rapid demand for renewal. Industrial digitalization, servitization, sustainability awakening and recent volatile fluctuations in economics are shaping the way organizations create value and interact with each other. Investments in the OT/IT integration space are often related to a wish for advances within Industry 4.0, improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Reducing Downtime, Optimizing Supply Chain Visibility as well as Regulatory compliance and Use of modern cloud based technologies for OT/IT modernization.

Solita Industrial helps manufacturing businesses to turn the change into a competitive advantage with a comprehensive digital expertise that combines technology, data and human insight. Snowflake isn’t just a great technology company. We’re all about the data—easily enabling governed access to near-infinite amounts of data, and cutting-edge tools, applications, and services.


08.30 Breakfast

09.00 Welcome & Introduction

09.10 Tearing down the pyramid: How can a shared data strategy break down OT and IT silos, fostering collaboration for a seamless digital transformation in manufacturing – Tobias Persson

09.30 Manufacturing with Snowflake  – Pugal Janakiraman

09.50 Q&A

  • Tobias Persson

    Business Development Lead Data-Driven Service Innovation, Solita

  • Pugal Janakiraman

    Industry Field CTO – Manufacturing, Snowflake


Thursday, December 7th
08:30 – 10:00