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Welcome to Build.local London!

If you’re interested in accelerating everyday analytics but don’t have expertise in Python and ML, or would like to supplement your Python and ML skills with Snowflake’s cortex, join us at BUILD.local.

Learn how to use Snowflake Cortex to build more accurate forecasts and identify outliers for your time-series data. You’ll get hands-on with the latest ML-based forecasting and anomaly detection functions, to power analytics without needing to learn Python, have expertise in ML algorithms or manage expensive infrastructure.

During this free, half-day workshop you will:

  • Use Anomaly Detection & Forecasting ML Functions to create models and produce predictions
  • Use Tasks to retrain models on a regular cadence
  • Take part in technical sessions created for builders, by builders
  • Meet other members of the community and Snowflake builders


  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • A Snowflake account login with an ACCOUNTADMIN role. If not, you will need to use a different role that has the ability to create database, schema, table, stages, tasks, email integrations, and stored procedures.
12:30 pm
Registration and Lunch
1:30 pm
Builders' Introduction to Snowflake

Overview of Snowflake Cortex and how you can build forecasting models, all without needing to understand Python

2:00 pm
Hands-on Lab: Getting Started with Snowflake Cortex ML-Based Functions

In this lab, we will train a model to predict trends in sales data using anomaly detection ML functions. You will then productionise pipelines using Tasks & Stored Procedures, enabling you to get the latest results from your model on a regular cadence.

4:00 pm
Partner Sponsored Demo
4:30 pm
Ask the Experts + Networking

Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

6:30 pm
Event close
  • Alison Farrand

    Enterprise Sales Engineer

  • Erik Polano

    Senior Sales Engineer

  • Cyrus Shamsfard

    Sales Engineer

Black Diamond Partner
Blue Square Partner


21 March 2024
12:30 PM – 6:30 PM