Join us for an evening of exploration at the Snowflake Helsinki BUILD.local on November 29th!

BUILD.local are a series following the BUILD conference that bring together data professionals to explore the power of building with Snowflake. Learn about groundbreaking projects,Join other developers, data engineers, and data architects as you roll up your sleeves and explore the possibilities of Snowflake.

At BUILD.local you will:

  • Get hands-on: Learn on build data apps, pipelines, and machine learning workflows using Snowflake as your data platform
  • Ask the experts: Connect with Snowflake dev experts and get your questions answered
  • Network: Meet other Snowflake builders from your local area

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build on Snowflake by actually building on Snowflake. The workshop is instructor-led, but you’ll also learn from your peers and get help from our product experts.

No prior Snowflake knowledge required! BUILD.local is ideal for app developers, data engineers, and data scientists who are interested in building on Snowflake. You will need working knowledge of Python and SQL to follow along with the hands on lab.

Attend to engage in lively discussions, pose questions, and connect with fellow builders. Whether you’re a Snowflake expert or just getting started, this event is for anyone eager to explore how to build with Snowflake.

Limited seats, register to secure your spot!

Registration and Networking
Welcome & Introduction
Hands-On Lab: Getting Started with Native Apps

Learn to build a Snowflake Native Application, in addition to creating an application package, create grants in the package to place access controls based on roles, and install and run the app in a single Snowflake account using multiple roles.

Prerequisites: A Snowflake account (trial or otherwise) running on AWS

Networking, pizza and drinks

Grab some pizza and drinks and connect with other builders in the area

Event Close


29 November 2023
16:00 – 19:00