BUILD.local is coming to Ireland!

Join us in Dublin to learn how to transform your business data into applications! This free event is an opportunity to meet fellow developers, data scientists, and data engineers while taking part in technical sessions created for builders, by builders.

At BUILD.local you will:

  • Build data apps, pipelines, and machine learning workflows using Snowflake as your data platform
  • Use Snowflake’s new developer experience, Snowpark, to code in your language of choice
  • Use Streamlit to create an interactive web application
  • Train a machine learning model using Snowpark for Python and Scikit-learn
  • Meet other members of the community and Snowflake builders from your area


Before you arrive:

  1. Ensure your laptop has the ability to install software and is fully charged.
  2. Open a trial account with Hex, or use your existing account. This will be mandatory to complete the Hands-on-Lab.
  3. Please read through pages 1-3 of this quick start guide to best prepare for the session.


To register for the Build Meetup Snowflake Ireland User Group right after this event, register here

Registration and Networking
Intro and Welcome
Hands-On Lab

Get hands-on learning experience building data engineering and machine learning workflows using Snowpark and Streamlit. You will work on an example scenario that will take you through the process of training a linear regression model to predict the return on investment of advertising spend across multiple channels. By the end of the lab, you’ll have learned how to create data pipelines, develop an ML model, use open source scikit-learn library, build Python User-Defined Functions (UDFs), and deliver the results as an interactive application.

Wrap up with Refreshments
  • Colm Moynihan

    Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

  • Mats Stellwall

    Field CTO Data Science, EMEA, Snowflake

  • Tom Christian

    Principal Sales Engineer at Snowflake


13 December 2023
12:30 – 15:30