Here’s your chance to get in-person, hands-on experience with Snowflake and hang out with other builders from your area. Join our BUILD.local workshop for an instructor-led lab, live demos of Snowflake features, and face time with Snowflake experts.

It’s part lab session, part builder meet-up, and no fluff.

During BUILD.local you will:

  • Learn to build data engineering, pipelines, applications, and machine learning workflows using Snowflake as your data platform.
  • Connect with Snowflake dev experts and get answers to your questions.
  • Meet other builders and Snowflake users from your local area

No prior Snowflake knowledge required! BUILD.local is ideal for developers, data engineers, and data scientists who are interested in building on Snowflake. You will need working knowledge of Python and SQL to follow the hands on lab.

Cost to attend: FREE


4:30 PM
Welcome and Registration

Check in and chat with your peers and Snowflake experts before the workshop gets underway.

5:30 PM
Builders' Introduction to Snowflake

See a live demo of the Snowflake features you can use to build data pipelines, apps, and machine learning workflows. Get up close with Snowpipe, Streams and Tasks, SQL API, external functions, zero-copy cloning and more.

5:45 PM
Hands-On Lab: Build a Snowflake Native App to Analyze Chairlift Sensor Data

In this lab, we will build a Snowflake Native Application that can analyze sensor data from chairlifts at different locations at a ski resort. In addition to building a native app, you’ll learn how to create an application package, create grants in the package to place access controls based on roles, and install and run the app in a single Snowflake account using multiple roles.

7:30 PM
Building Modern Business Applications with Snowflake + Retool

Snowflake has transformed the way modern teams work with data. A similar transformation is happening in application development. Retool is a business application platform that enables developers to quickly build internal applications like admin panels, inventory management systems, and workflow automations. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can build a user friendly application in Retool using Snowflake data.

8:00 PM

Talk with other builders, learn about partner offerings, and see Snowflake in action with a live demo of best practices for building on the Data Cloud.


September 20, 2023

4:30 PM EST